How can Crypto help your Business?

Now a day, more and more customers concern a lot of their security and privacy of all their data and activities, but competition still asking for efficiency and effectiveness of Sales and IT spending to support total business process.

So we not only offer standard Outsourcing model like others, but also offer a special unique service model for our customer to enjoy privilege of having equipment that run in customer premises that really customize and fit with customer solution. This also help customer to have a chance to certificate ISO27001 for Information Security Management.

Our state of the art based product portfolio covers the below areas:

  • Concept elaboration
  • Network planning and design
  • Establishment and operation of complex IT systems and entire IT infrastructures
  • Development of application software's and company security IT systems
  • Managed and monitor all security devices of IT system
  • Development of IT applications and systems

Crypto SOC is ISO 27001 certified Security Operation Center that can give customer effective reporting that helps business, our systems send out monthly reports and combined with regular account management updates will give you clear visibility over your infrastructure.

Our unique, scalable solutions are tailored to meet the Individual needs of each of our clients and designed with their specific needs and goals in mind. It is this approach that has led many of the background screening industries leaders to rely upon AIM for the management of their day-to-day operations and competitive edge.