Is a Security Event Management software platform designed for enterprises and government organizations to centrally monitor and manage their security infrastructure.

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Identifies hidden zero-day malware and drive-by downloads in websites and online advertisements. Identifies injected malware and generates alarms before search engines blacklist the website.

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Corporations or organizations need to build a complete protection mechanism to prevent the information leakage.

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Centerix 5

The Centerix Solution suite is Multi Channel Interaction Contact Center solution that helps you control costs and improve operational efficiencies with information management and functional tools to manage blended voice, email, and web-based communications.

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Information and its control typically flow together. The only way of restricting control of information and its use, is to control its flow. Enterprises are faced with the tough challenge of sharing information and inviting the risks of information breaches or not sharing information.

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Cyber Shield

All-in-one Security Solution
Cyber Shield integrates in a single
appliance all function of:

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam

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