Information and its control typically flow together. The only way of restricting control of information and its use, is to control its flow. Enterprises are faced with the tough challenge of sharing information and inviting the risks of information breaches or not sharing information. This open information sharing often leads to information breaches.

Seclore's technology allows digital information and its control to be unique and separate. Information that is sent out can be remote controlled. It can be made to become un-printable, un-editable or self destruct. Remotely.

Seclore FileSecure enables enterprises to mitigate the risks of information breaches by allowing people and enterprises to distribute information freely but retain control of the information irrespective of its location or method of transmission.

Files shared can be controlled for access to the documents in various forms.
Control Who Information owners can control who can use the information i.e. people, groups...
Control What Individual actions like read, edit, print, distribute, can be controlled
Control When Information usage can start and stop based on time i.e. dates, timespans...
Control Where Information can be locked to networks and locations

Seclore FileSecure uses military grade encryption technology to encrypt information and applies information owner controlled "usage rights" on the information before and after distribution. Since the rights travel with the information itself there are no risks of information leakage by transmission and copying of the information.